Victrex initiates investment in Bond’s 3D Technology

To help customers with an accelerated route to market for 3D printed PAEK parts, UK-based Victrex has commenced a multi-million Euro investment in Bond High-Performance 3D Technology. By linking Victrex’s material application and customer expertise with Bond’s 3D processing technology, the common objective is to build on the inherent strength of Victrex’s polymers and set the path to produce functional, strong parts which contribute to maximizing the performance of components.

Bond’s technology is capable of printing complex, functional parts made of PEEK with excellent mechanical properties. This enables the additive manufacture of high strength, isotropic parts with properties comparable to conventional molded or machined PEEK parts. Victrex and Bond will initially focus their new collaboration on demonstrating the potential in the spine and the semiconductor segments. These will use commercially available products such as PEEK-OPTIMA™ from Invibio Biomaterial Solutions, Victrex’s medical business, or VICTREX™ PAEK thermoplastic. In the future, this ability to print functional parts from existing PEEK grades may also have value in aerospace, energy, automotive, manufacturing, and engineering applications, where existing industry standards have been built around years of experience with Victrex’s commercial PEEK polymers.