VINCI launches a new company named ‘Concreative’

VINCI Construction, through its subsidiary Freyssinet, is launching Concreative, a new company focused on 3D printing of high-performance concrete. The company offers a fully integrated service, from design to on-site installation.

In the first stage of its expansion, Concreative is inaugurating recently a first design-build factory in Dubai to meet future demand in the regional United Arab Emirates market.

Concreative uses a technology patented by XtreeE, a start-up in which VINCI Construction is a partner and shareholder. The technology consists of extruding concrete layer by layer, with each layer printed via a digitally controlled nozzle.

The Concreative company is a direct result of the intrapreneur programme at Leonard, VINCI’s forward-looking innovation laboratory. Following an incubation phase in which the project was tested in real market conditions, and then customized coaching to further develop the business model, the start-up is now entering the United Arab Emirates market in association with local partners.