Virginia Tech secures USD3.8 M from the Defense Dept.

New funding from the Department of Defense will support the work of students from a range of engineering disciplines.

The Department of Defense has awarded Virginia Tech researchers USD3.8 M in support of the Office of Naval Research’s Manufacturing Engineering Education Program.

The goal is to establish programs to better position the current and next-generation manufacturing workforce to produce military systems and components that assure the technological superiority of the department.

The project will focus on applications, designs, manufacturing, and testing of structures by introducing composite construction and processing, advanced manufacturing, and the application of these technologies in fabricating solutions, such as structurally integrated antennas and radomes.

The program will enhance the university curriculum and offer unique industrial continuing education opportunities.

This program offers students opportunities to participate in multidisciplinary teams who will design and apply skills to produce solutions to specific research problems, write reports, and present outcomes in seminars and symposiums.

As part of the program, students will be offered new coursework focused on electromagnetics, composite processing, additive manufacturing, and advanced antennas. Additionally, numerous short courses and workshops will be developed for the Department of Defense professional community.