Viridis3D launches RAM10™ 3D Printer materials development kit

Viridis3D LLC released an open materials development system, the RAM10™ 3D Printer Materials Development Kit.

The new development kit is simple in construction, has fast test cycle times, a small build volume, and includes: fluids manifold, electronics, and spreader bars. The RAM10™ uses ViriPrint™, which is the same software as the production printers.

Ken StrausbaughJim Bredt, Viridis3D’s CTO states: “Viridis3D has taken a very different tactic from the older large format printer manufacturers. The RAM10™ 3D Printer Development Kit allows users to change powder, binder, firing parameters, tubing, and powder deposition subsystems, enabling distributed development of new materials sets. The similarities allow scale-up to the larger systems to be as seamless as possible.”

“We’re very eager to see the products that come out of the academic and industrial sectors as they start to use this materials development system,” says Will Shambley, President of Viridis3D. “We are hoping that by making this easy-to-use development kit, we’ll be able to create a thriving development community around the bigger production RAM printers.”

Recently, the first system was installed at Palmer Manufacturing & Supply, Springfield OH. Ken Strausbaugh’s efforts on binder research were quickly rewarded, as he states: “It was extremely easy and fast to get the RAM10™ up and running. With a little guidance form Viridis3D, we had a new ink working in just a few days.”