Volumatik gives volume to 3D printing ideas

Volumatik gives volume to 3D printing ideas

When it comes to 3D fabrication and printing, Volumatik brings everything together in one place. The company works with an international team as well as with freelance professionals around the globe, to offer assistance to any type of customer.

The main idea of the start-up is to bring 3D printing ideas together in one online platform where all necessary steps can be taken to go from an idea on paper to a real life product. This includes the latest design-, 3D modelling, and 3D printing tools.

So how does it work?

A projects starts with an idea from either a private person or a company, which is submitted to the platform either as a text description, a photo, a mood board, or a sketch. The idea is then reviewed by Volumatik and needs to receive approval before further steps can be taken.

“Nowadays everybody has heard of 3D printing but not everyone knows how to get access to the necessary tools.”

When there is no design yet, this is the first step that is then taken, in which the customer can choose to either work with a professional from the Volumatik team, or with a freelance professional who provides his or her services using the Volumatic.com portal.

Then, the next step of 3D modelling can be taken, or the client can opt to review existing design for suggestions or alternation. “The real fun begins with the actual 3D modelling of the design,” says Adrian Chassaing, one of the founders of the start-up. “Hereby the approved design is implemented in a detailed 3D model.”


This model can be viewed from various angles by using the viewer tool on the website, offering the customer the option to have a close look on how exactly the final product will look. Then the final step provides the option to make a prototype. In this stage materials and colours are chosen before the product is 3D printed.

Make 3D printing run smoothly

The idea behind the platform is that creating a product using 3D services can be a complex challenge. “Nowadays everybody has heard of 3D printing but not everyone knows how to get access to the necessary tools,” Adrian explains. Together with co-founder Vasily Hurynovich, Adrian started Volumatik to make the whole process of 3D printing run more smoothly by optimising the process of going from an idea to an actually 3D printed model.

The platform brings together supply and demand in a virtual market place, where users work together to find the best possible way to make ideas come to live. Professionals are offered the chance to share skills and completed projects and customers can explore and follow-up on the work of designers they like, share projects they demanded, and even sell the products they created.