Volvo adds sand printer to its plant at Skövde

At Volvo Group engine plant in Skövde, a sand printer is a recent addition to the plant. It has cut both lead times and costs of making prototypes.

This sand printer produces objects using thin 0.3 mm layers of sand and glue. The end product of the process is a ‘core’ which is used for casting component prototypes.

By making use of both metal casting and 3D sand printing, the new process involves the use of both one of the most traditional manufacturing methods and one of the most high-tech.

The sand printer is now being used in a wide range of projects within the Volvo Group.

Another major benefit is the added confidentiality that comes from keeping the prototype process entirely in house. Using a 3D printer also makes it relatively easy to make design adjustments to see what the effect of a design is in real life.