XJet installs Carmel 1400 AM system at the KU Leuven

Professor Shoufeng Yang, KU Leuven, shakes hands with Avi Cohen, VP of Healthcare and Education at XJet.

XJet, the additive manufacturing company, has installed a Carmel 1400 AM system at the KU Leuven University in Belgium. The installation marks the first system at an academic institution in Europe and it will be used for university research programs and for the development of AM medical opportunities in the region.

The XJet Carmel system and its proprietary NanoParticle Jetting Technology™ (NPJ) will be used by academics to explore medical uses as well as for research and education purposes in additive manufacturing as KU Leuven is positioned as one of the leading academic centres for AM in Europe.

The team at KU Leuven is focused on the medical and pharmaceutical industries, having already produced a number of implants in the form of ceramic bones. The institution’s aim is to spread the use of AM across the manufacturing world stating that the Carmel will allow them to accelerate their research and the development of AM across Europe.