Z-AXIS expands its 3D printing capabilities in NY

3D printer used in circuit board assembly services at Z-AXIS, Inc., an electronics contract manufacturer near Rochester, NY.

Z-AXIS, Inc. has expanded its 3D printing capabilities at its electronic product design and contract manufacturing center near Rochester, NY. The company uses its new Formlabs 3D printer to create mold inserts for injection molding and over-molding, prototype enclosures for electronic assemblies, and a variety of fixtures for use in its electronics manufacturing services operations.

The Formlabs Form 2 Stereolithography (SLA) 3D printer uses a laser to cure solid isotropic parts from a liquid photopolymer resin. It can produce parts with a resolution as fine as 25 microns, with high material strength, and with the ability to withstand high temperatures.

Z-AXIS 3D-print custom mold inserts for use with a universal mold for injection molding, thereby making it feasible for lower-volume products.

Z-AXIS uses 3D printing to create prototypes such as PCBA enclosures. Z-AXIS engineers design circuit boards and custom enclosures for clients. This reduces prototype costs and can cut weeks from the design and prototype cycle.

The company designs and 3D-prints a wide variety of jigs and fixtures that help to ensure high productivity and process repeatability, leading to lower product cost and consistent high quality for the customer.