Zortrax launches a new 3D printer, M300 Plus

Zortrax has launched a 3D printer with one of the largest workspaces among desktop-class printers, measuring 300 × 300 × 300 mm.

The M300 Plus is an essential tool for specialists in the architecture, automotive, and aerospace industries working with big prototypes. An important feature of the Zortrax M300 Plus is wireless connectivity. With its Wi-Fi module and Ethernet port, it can be used to create a large 3D printing farm, speeding up the manufacturing process.

The M300 Plus has a modified extruder with a redesigned Hotend V3 and nozzle with new geometry. These elements improve extrusion efficiency and precision, further shortening heating-up time and allowing 3D printing using flex materials. The Zortrax M300 Plus currently supports all materials for the original Zortrax M300 and Z-ULTRAT.

The new printer can be combined with other Zortrax devices to create or complete a printing farm.

The M300 Plus is the latest addition to M Series Plus line. The Zortrax M Series is known for its quality, reliability and dedicated software, which brought Zortrax international recognition in the 3D printing industry.