ZPP of ZHAW supports the development of the Swiss BICAR

: Image 2: The BICAR together with its two inventors, Hans-Jörg Dennig (left) and Adrian Burri (right)

The Centre for Product and Process Development (ZPP) of ZHAW in Zurich specializes in innovative product development in mechanical engineering from the first idea to the final series product. New developments and innovations go through the entire process, from the initial vision to the final product. Research focuses on innovative methods, tools, and procedures for an optimized and efficient product development process. Through an optimal combination of interdisciplinary technical and industry knowledge, technical and economic feasibility of innovative product ideas and visions can be clarified at an early stage. Additive Manufacturing is just perfect in this process.

An absolute prime example in this context is the so-called BICAR. To make a positive contribution to the current topic of sustainability and climate change, the Share your BICAR AG, located in the ZHAW, has taken on the challenge of creating a sustainable Electric vehicle. The product scores above all with its functionality. Completely emission-free, the single-seater comes on three wheels and represents a suitable solution for urban mobility with weather protection and freedom from helmets.

With the innovative production technology of 3D printing, such business areas can be opened up.