ZYYX and ESUN sign an agreement for 3D distribution

Distributors in the US and the UK signed on to bring ZYYX machines to their customers, the Swedish 3D printers also became set for wider availability as ZYYX signed an agreement with Shenzhen Esun Industrial Co., Ltd. (ESUN) for distribution in China.

ZYYX has long had ties to China, as Magicfirm Europe AB, which owns the brand, has China-based Magicfirm LLC as a shareholder. The partnership with ESUN represents a natural extension of an ongoing relationship between the two companies, as they had been working together on materials development for use with the ZYYX Pro. The announcement of their new relationship was formalized during formnext.

The spirit of cooperation underscored a great deal of the conversation, as ZYYX and ESUN both highlighted the benefits to not only their companies’ partnership and work together with customers, but with wider focus on collaborative efforts.

The cooperation between ZYYX and ESUN to their leadership’s views on wider-ranging collaboration and communication highlighted several of the biggest issues in 3D printing as the industry continues to mature and become more focused on industrial quality.